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Friday, September 4, 2015

SNSD reveals they've been composing songs despite being rejected by SM

Article: SNSD, "We tried many times to compose our own songs but the company rejected them all"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+265, -77] Tiffany already showcased a song she composed at her August birthday fan meet. They have enough experience, I wish SM would let them promote more freely...

2. [+220, -70] They've been writing a lot of lyrics and seeing as how there's news of Taeyeon and Tiffany's solos, they must be composing their own songs too.

3. [+189, -91] Oooh, it says in the article that they revealed a bit of it and Yoo Hee Yeol praised it, I guess I'll have to catch the episode

4. [+42, -30] Obviously a reason why the company's rejecting them

5. [+32, -14] The company doesn't see you guys as artists, just products. CEOs who want to put out artists will let them release songs with no production value because they have potential to grow as artists and can do the image making for it. Sorry but you guys are just Yoona's extras. Yoona Generation.

6. [+28, -17] Haven't they already participated in writing lyrics for their albums? Composing's harder so I'm sure they can keep trying and add them in as extras in their albums.

7. [+27, -12] They must be really bad if even SM is rejecting them...

8. [+25, -8] Because you guys don't have the skills for it. From the company's perspective, it'd be awesome to have members who can compose songs because then they can use it for media play to brag about how talented you are.

9. [+23, -5] Obviously rejected because the songs suck

10. [+21, -10] SM obviously rejected them because they suck, why else would they

11. [+17, -8] Pfft... all you've ever done is mouth your lips to songs given to you but looks like you want a try at pretending to be musicians now too


Hollywood: Taylor Swift

Article: Taylor Swift's new music video under controversy for white colonialism

Source: Star News via Naver [USA TODAY]

1. [+1,408, -94] Why is this controversial ㅋㅋㅋ Just because she shot the MV in Africa, she needs to have black people in it??? Well 'Avengers' was shot in Korea, does that mean they should've had Koreans star in it too????? And 'Lord of the Rings' doesn't have black actors, does that mean the movie is a white supremacy movie??? Doesn't make any sense at all

2. [+795, -180] People are really accusing Taylor Swift of white supremacy? ㅋㅋㅋ Just because she doesn't have someone black in her music video doesn't make her a white supremist...

3. [+454, -44] Sounds more like a victim mentality ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+477, -85] Taylor Swift seems to be getting into a lot of controversies lately... it must be a bad year for her

5. [+290, -33] Taylor Swift???????

6. [+94, -19] I can understand to an extent if you think about it in terms we'd understand... Imagine if a Japanese singer shot a movie in Korea and all you saw were Koreans running away in the back but the screen showed a Japanese man and woman falling in love. Would we take well to that? Now put that in terms of black and white people.

7. [+63, -10] Makes me wonder if it was necessary to go all the way to film it in Africa to have a scene of black people running away... she's a global star, she should be careful of everything.

8. [+54, -10] If it's wrong in their culture, then it's wrong. Why should Koreans be trying to support her? Because you're her fans?

9. [+50, -7] But Korean idols film overseas all the time and it's not like they show scenes with the natives... this seems like an overreaction

10. [+38, -5] Is it because Taylor Swift has a lot of fans? Because if you put the facts down,  the director of the MV has been known since the past to be racist against black people... and the most importantpart is that some of the male actors were wearing the uniform worn by the Europeans when they invaded Africa.. which is why all these issues are being brought up.


ZE:A to make a comeback this month

Article: [Exclusive] ZE:A to release a new album in September... in a year and 3 months

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+1,667, -64] Agency, pretend you've gone crazy and seriously put down as much oney as you can to get them a good song...

2. [+1,543, -95] Let's get popular this time... I felt bad when Kwanghee said it was his first time winning #1 with 'Hwangtaeji' on 'Infinity Challenge'... How is it that their agency can't pull off what GD could?! Kwanghee seemed like a different person with 'Hwangtaeji' than with ZE:A... a producer seriously plays such a huge in the making of a singer.

3. [+1,067, -78] Give them a good song

4. [+932, -100] This is a bit off topic but GD really showed his skills on 'Infinity Challenge'. He managed to turn Kwanghee-ssi into a shining idol. It made me feel bad that Kwanghee could be seen as a completely new person depending on who's producing for him. I hope a producer can bring that out of Kwanghee-ssi again this time.

5. [+714, -61] Finally... ZE:A, let's do it this time!! Star Empire, get to work ㅎㅎ

6. [+235, -11] A mystery how this group isn't more popular with Siwan, Kwanghee, and Park Hyungshik

7. [+195, -15] ZE:A's agency... you saw how much Kwanghee could change in just a month, right?! Bring out his potential.. and get them a good coordi.

8. [+159, -9] ZE:A needs a new agency. So sad... give them a good song!!!


'Maxim Korea' apologizes for controversial cover

Article: Maxim reps, "We apologize for the crime pictorial controversy... we will be scrapping all copies"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+450, -17] They should've apologized sooner. Why is it that when Koreans brought it up as an issue, they treated it like it was no big deal but as soon as an international media picked it up, they go "aigoo, so we DID make a mistake!"

2. [+396, -17] They're trash. Ignored Koreans when we called it controversial but as soon as international people start saying the same, they surrender immediately.

3. [+44, -0] The apology is very late but stil expected. How could they depict a bad guy like that? The bigger problem is that there were a lot of people who didn't see what the problem was with the picture. Only once did the picture get controversial overseas did they all realize it was wrong and go hide ㅋ


Source: Naver

1. [+302, -25] I like how Maxim ignored all the women who said the cover was disturbing and only now apologize once it gets attention overseas.. ^^

2. [+249, -25] Such an embarrassment to the country..

3. [+222, -23] Embarrassing to the country...

4. [+191, -21] You'd have to be insane to think that's okay..

5. [+165, -19] I wonder if the person who came up with this idea has a daughter of his own?

6. [+111, -8] So stupid how Maxim ignored everyone when Koreans called it out but scrap all the copies only after foreigners get involved


Thursday, September 3, 2015

How much do male actors receive in guarantees for dramas?

Article: 2015 Male actors drama pay, recent version

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

Kim Soo Hyun, Hyun Bin
= 100 million won

So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung
= 80 million won

Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi
= 70 million won

Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk
= 60 million won

Kim Woo Bin, Joo Won, Ji Chang Wook
= 50 million won

Park Hyung Shik, Yook Sungjae, Lee Joon
= 10 million won


1. [+1,512, -326] Lee Min Ho has been getting 100 million won since 'City Hunter'. I don't think the journalist did his research at all.

2. [+1,182, -255] I remember Lee Min Ho was listed as one of the celebrities who got 100 million won , and that was a few years ago. He's probably making the most ever right now so it makes no sense that he's still listed as 70 million won.

3. [+1,005, -318] Lee Min Ho has always been listed on TV as a star who gets more than 100 million won. The representative stars of the 100 million won bracket are Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Min Ho, and Lee Young Ae. Why cut his credit? Lee Min Ho's probably the most expensive out of this list.

4. [+349, -132] This sounds like a lie, Yoo Ah In, Ji Chang Wook, and Kim Woo Bin earn way too much

5. [+215, -70] I hate lists like this because it's like you're judging these actors by money, and furthermore it's inaccurate

6. [+107, -24] Hyun Bin earns more than Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub? 'Secret' really must've inflated his bubble.

7. [+144, -62] I think Kim Soo Hyun earns every cent of it considering he has so many hits from dramas to movies as a one top lead. He's always been chosen by the public countless times for his influence.

8. [+90, -19] Lee Seung Gi gets 70 million won? Daebak... surprising

9. [+148, -79] Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, and Lee Jong Suk have always had hit dramas so they deserve their pay

10. [+85, -19] Hyun Bin earns way more than he deserves... his two movies before his enlistment failed and then after his discharge he failed another drama and then you're telling me he earned 100 million won for 'Hyde'? When Jo In Sung gets 80 million won? That's insane

11. [+72, -11] I don't think Lee Seung Gi deserves that much

12. [+98, -38] Confused at Hyun Bin, Lee Seung Gi, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Hyung Shik

13. [+86, -26] Hyun Bin earns too much for his actual skill level. Ha Ji Won covered for him in 'Secret Garden'.

14. [+67, -9] Surprised that Kim Woo Bin, Joo Won, and Ji Chang Wook earn the same amount