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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SISTAR to perform at the Asian Games closing ceremony

Article: SISTAR to perform at the closing ceremony for Incheon AG "Honored by a meaningful stage"

Newsen via Newsen

1. [+208, -8] Since when did the Asian Games become a K-Pop festival?

2. [+141, -12] Are they going to turn the closing ceremony into an award ceremony too?

3. [+148, -59] With SNSD ending up like this and 2NE1 quieting down because of that druggie plastic monster and KARA on the downfall with the member change, SISTAR seems like the new girl group #1?

4. [+14, -9] Wow, what is this, some idol festival? Why not just make Hyuna sing 'Red' while you're at it too?

5. [+8, -0] Must we have them shaking their butts in front of all of the Asians watching? I'd rather we have someone like Song So Hee show the beauty of Korea with a traditional kukak performance.


Source: Naver

1. [+2,376, -77] Wow, this is ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They just turned the Asian Games into some local athletic competition ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,927, -50] It'd be best they don't perform if they don't want to be hated by the nation...

3. [+1,761, -88] Isn't SISTAR on the level where any small to mid sized company can buy them to perform for them? Asian Games are so disappointing tsk tsk

4. [+1,605, -51] What? Seriously? The Asian Games just continues to disappoint

5. [+1,477, -48] Embarrassing until the very end ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What an international embarrassment

6. [+321, -15] I get that the ending ceremony should be something exciting like the London Olympics but the problem is that people were afraid this would turn into an idol festival and it's turning into just that. So many artists we can have perform and yet they hire all the idols...

7. [+297, -14] Hopefully they won't be shaking their butts in diaper outfits at the closing ceremony too?

8. [+225, -10] The absolute worst... So embarrassing how they're turning this into some idol talent show


Core Contents Media changes name to MBK Entertainment

Article: [Exclusive] T-ara's agency Core Contents to go out of business... to renew as MBK Entertainment

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+4,155, -137] Kwang Soo's setting up a new agency by just changing the name... But then again, the CCM name gets so much hate already..

2. [+3,457, -61] The CEO's determination... is about as on par with his artists ^^

3. [+2,683, -44] They come up with the best tricks

4. [+2,064, -65] T-ara's determination is as amazing as always

5. [+1,998, -68] Can T-Trash be sent over to China please

6. [+226, -8] I wish Son Ho Jun would leave Core, it's a waste of his talent ㅜㅜ

7. [+194, -6] Didn't know Ha Suk Jin was under Core... Suk Jin hyung, leave already

8. [+183, -7] Son Ho Jun is in that company? Leave... he doesn't match it


Source: Nate

1. [+355, -4] Ho Jun-ah, change agencies

2. [+223, -5] Haetae-ya~~ Move to Chilbong or Samchunpo's~~~ Core is not where you belong~~

3. [+143, -5] They're leaving for China now that they aren't doing so well in Korea ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+13, -0] Go out of business my butt, they're just changing their name. This company gives me the creeps like those shady ones you see in the movies.

5. [+9, -1] They're just changing the name. Everything else is staying the same.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jessica releases official statement

Article: Jessica "Forced to leave by the agency... such a big wound" official statement (full document)

Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+7,430, -1,224] How can you live life expecting to get everything you want

2. [+6,839, -1,162] I think it was selfish of her to think she can run a business, get married, and still be in SNSD

3. [+6,404, -1,133] Her actions warranted her being kicked out. Why bring Tyler everywhere? What kind of job would like that?

4. [+6,145, -1,431] What's fact is that Jessica made a selfish decision where she tried to get everything she wanted. Can't imagine how hurt the other members were having to come to this decision...

5. [+3,966, -789] I thought she wanted to leave?

6. [+1,482, -235] Dispatch was right... I don't think Sica realized how public sentiment would turn on her... Fans may be fans but anyone who's worked in the real world knows that you can't act like that or you'll get booted.

7. [+1,240, -155] Of course she should leave if she wants to get married, what is she so taken aback about? So selfish of her... what does she expect the 8 members to do? Look at WG, how did they end up? Let Sunye get married and what are the 4 of them doing now?

8. [+1,104, -126] She's being like this because she was going to leave in January but SM suddenly kicked her out


Article: Tyler Kwon clarifies wedding reports with Jessica "No plans"

TV Report via Naver

1. [+7,666, -305] This bastard's the worst;;;

2. [+5,737, -197] Clarifying things only puts the girlfriend in a more awkward position...

3. [+5,286, -242] He's the reason behind all of this tsk tsk

4. [+3,580, -100] What if Jessica gets screwed over in all of this? Tyler said he doesn't wanna get married... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1,272, -19] So what's going to happen to Jessica if she breaks up with Tyler Kwon? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+1,223, -53] Hul.... seems like Jessica's giving everything up for him..... but he has no plans of marrying her...

7. [+1,188, -40] Sounds like he's treating her as an enjoy while Jessica is dating him with the intention of marriage

8. [+1,121, -59] Sica-ya, this is your reality... without SNSD, you're nothing... You've hit rock bottom now so wake up.


Article: [Q&D] Who's the victim?... 18 questions on Jessica's leave

Dispatch via Naver

1. [+13,700, -648] Judging by this article, Jessica made the selfish decision...

2. [+11,288, -436] But why'd she renew her contract if she's going to get married?

3. [+10,362, -592] Just because they're on the same team doesn't mean they have to put up with her getting married and opening a business. On top of her boyfriend following her around like a shadow~??!!!

4. [+9,014, -1,209] Amazing how Jessica's trying to act like the victim in this... meanwhile she's been backstabbing all along..

5. [+2,656, -84] Jessica's basically mad because she was going to throw them away but they threw her away first

6. [+2,473, -126] I don't know why the 8 are getting any hate when it's Jessica who couldn't decide one from the other ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+2,275, -128] Basically... Jessica built her own new life. I knew this would happen. I didn't think they'd push her out for no reason. Fighting to the remaining 8 members...

8. [+2,209, -82] I'm thinking the remaining 8 gave up a lot in their lives for the sake of the team


Jiyoung to release a photobook in Japan

Article: Kang Jiyoung to release a photobook in November... shows off never before seen mature beauty

: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+3,068, -97] She is pretty but she looks so Japanese now. I heard she's popular over there so there's no point in coming back to Korea where she has a bunch of antis. Just live and act well in Japan.

2. [+2,565, -86] Don't cry if they ask to see your aegyo in Japan... you have no where else to go anymore.

3. [+2,128, -59] She looks so Japanese now or is it just me?

4. [+1,833, -56] She looks Japanese now~

5. [+1,537, -110] It's a miracle she even became a celebrity with her average looks in Korea... what is she doing all the way in Japan?

6. [+343, -19] Am I the only one seeing Bada in her?

7. [+229, -16] She looks aged more than matured...

8. [+204, -9] Thought she was an ajumma for a second, hul


Clara to dabble in some singing

Article: Clara to release a single album in November, sexy teaser released

Star News via Naver

1. [+3,515, -114] She's really getting into everything, isn't she

2. [+2,819, -89] Didn't she say she hated her sexy image...

3. [+2,387, -73] Taking a stab at everything, eh?

4. [+1,881, -96] I know that Clara's pretty but she looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book with his hair grown out.

5. [+379, -9] So what's her concept... sitting in lingerie in front of the table?

6. [+350, -6] Didn't she cry over not wanting a sexy image???

7. [+341, -5] Let me ask her one thing: who's her sponsor?

8. [+320, -4] She went from nugu to getting popular off of a baseball pitch and now she thinks she can take a stab at being a singer? As if being a singer is a career that anyone can just pick up

9. [+282, -3] She said so herself that she wanted to be acknowledged as an actress, then she started pushing a sexy image by emphasizing her chest and body, and now she's going into singing? ㅋ

10. [+213, -4] She's amazing in a lot of ways... She's the perfect example of selling your sex as a product.